Building Muscle

Your journey starts now – products for your muscle gain.

Your starting point for ultimate gains.

At ESN, we know that building muscle requires a combination of disciplined training, proper nutrition and quality supplements. That's why we offer you a specially developed range of products to optimally support you on your way to more muscle mass.

Get your proteins

A protein-rich diet is the basis for your muscle gain.

Proteins are the foundation for muscle building and regeneration. Without high-quality protein, even the most intense workout will be ineffective. Our premium proteins provide high-quality protein to promote muscle growth and maintenance.

Designer Whey

Our Designer Whey is Germany's No. 1 whey protein.¹ Experience creamy taste with no added sugar. Each serving provides up to 23 g of high-quality protein - perfect for building and maintaining muscle. Start now with the protein shake that tastes good and works!

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Up to 26 g protein per serving

Isoclear Whey Protein Isolate

Isoclear® is revolutionary: a protein lemonade that promotes muscle building! Almost fat and lactose-free. Refreshingly different, in various flavors - ideal for your fitness goals!

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With real coffee

Flexpresso Protein Coffee

Flexpresso combines whey protein and real coffee for a double kick. Enjoy up to 22 g of protein per serving and the invigorating effect of caffeine in a creamy drink. No added sugar, in various varieties, perfect for an energetic start to your day.

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Get Pumped

Get the most out of your workout with caffeine-free or caffeinated boosters

Crank Pump Pro

Our caffeine-free pre-workout booster not only improves your blood circulation for more efficient recovery, but also helps you intensify your training sessions. Experience maximum effect with our unique, vegan formula.

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Ultrapure Creatine

Increase your training performance with our Ultrapure Creatine Monohydrate . It helps you to provide your muscles with maximum energy and thus provide even stronger growth stimuli during training. You will become stronger and regenerate faster.

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Energy boost

Energy and protein: the duo for your sporting success.

Rice Pudding

The rice pudding is easy to digest and is perfect as a meal before and after training. Thanks to high-quality carbohydrates and a low fat content, it offers you the ideal energy supply and support for your muscle goals - without any sugar.

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Designer Bars

Our Designer Bar is your delicious protein snack for on the go. With 14g of protein, no added sugar, ideal for a nutritious calorie intake and muscle building. Experience unique enjoyment with a creamy core and crunchy topping.

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Entdecke jetzt unsere Trainingspläne

Erhalte kostenlosen Zugang zu unseren Trainingsplänen, um deine Fitnessziele zu erreichen.

Bodyweight Plan

Your body weight, your success: Mit diesem Trainingsplan zeigen wir dir, wie du mit 3 Bodyweight-Trainingseinheiten die Woche deine Gesamtfitness verbessern kannst.

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Ganzkörper Plan

Full body training: Bau mit diesem Plan effizient Muskelmasse und Kraft auf – in 2-4 Trainings die Woche steht dein gesamter Körper im Fokus.

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Push – Pull – Legs Plan

Perfect muscle gain: 3er-Split. Mit diesem Trainingsplan konzentrierst du dich an 3 Tagen die Woche auf ausgewählte Muskelgruppen für maximale Ergebnisse.

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¹ The most popular whey protein powder in Germany? ESN Designer Whey. That's not just what we say, it's also the result of an online survey that we conducted in cooperation with Statista Q. 501 people between the ages of 20 and 40 who buy protein powder, bars and shakes were surveyed. The whey protein powders from Foodspring, MyProtein, Bodylab, Optimum Nutrition, Ironmaxx, WEIDER, nu3, HEJ and ESN were tested.