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Pre-Workout – boost like a pro

Are you looking for a pre-workout booster that will give you the best possible support for your training performance? Then you've come to the right place. Whether you're looking for support for maximum energy, more focus or the ultimate muscle pump - with us you'll find the ideal fitness booster tailored to your goals and needs. Ready for your next level training experience?

What is a pre-workout booster?

Pre-workout boosters are supplements that increase your performance and help you get the most out of your training. How does this work? Through the selected ingredients, which, depending on the booster, ideally support you in terms of focus, energy boost, endurance and muscle pump. As the word "pre" suggests, you take these workout boosters as a shake or capsules before your training session in order to perform during training and to push yourself to the limit and beyond. Let's take a look at the typical ingredients in fitness boosters that make this possible.

Boost formula – what ingredients can be in a pre-workout booster?

  1. Stimulants such as caffeine:Caffeine is known for its stimulating properties and can increase your alertness and energy, helping you focus and perform better during exercise. 1
  2. Amino acids such as beta-alanine, taurine, arginine, citrulline and tyrosine:These amino acids play an important role for your muscles and especially in muscle contraction, endurance and recovery.
  3. Herbal extracts such as green tea extract and Rhodiola Rosea extract:These natural extracts provide you with the plant power you need for ideal support during demanding workouts, e.g. as invigorating stimulants such as green tea extract with L-theanine.
  4. Minerals such as magnesium and potassium:Minerals are important for various bodily processes, including muscle contraction and energy production. 2 They can help maintain balance in your body. Magnesium, for example, also helps reduce tiredness and fatigue - ideal for constant energy during training.
  5. Vitamins such as B vitamins – especially B6 and B12:B vitamins play a role in energy metabolism and can help reduce fatigue. 3

Energy, focus, pump – how do pre-workout boosters work?

Fitness boosters are an absolute game-changer for all athletes. What makes them the perfect support for your training?


Pre-workout boosters often contain stimulating ingredients like caffeine that increase your energy and alertness. 1 This energy source can help you feel more active during exercise and reduce fatigue, especially during intense workouts. Energy is the key to getting through your workout with full power from start to finish. There is nothing more frustrating than suddenly crashing and feeling sluggish in the middle of a workout. But here comes the rightEnergy boostercomes into play, giving you the energy boost you need to keep going. With the right ingredients, your energy will stay at a higher level for longer, so you can complete your workout until the last set and the last rep.


An important aspect of training is mental focus. Pre-workout boosters can contain ingredients such as tyrosine, theanine or ginseng, which can help increase your concentration and mental alertness. A clear mental focus allows you to fully concentrate on your exercises and optimize your movement sequences. This also promotes your "mind-muscle connection", where you can actually feel your muscles working and activating.


The "pump" refers to the feeling of muscle tension and fullness during training - a feeling that many athletes love and find motivating.Pump Boostermay contain ingredients such as arginine, citrulline malate and nitrate-containing plant substances that can dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to the muscles – this is how the pumped-up feeling in the muscles is created.

Buy fitness boosters – our tips

Fitness goals – find the right booster powder for you

Know your training goals and needs. Depending on whether you are looking for more energy, mental focus or pump, there are different types of boosters with specific ingredients - check out our high-quality selection and find your ideal supplement.

Ingredients of the booster – the perfect composition for you?

Check the list of ingredients carefully for any allergens or intolerances. For example, if you are sensitive to caffeine, choose a fitness booster with a moderate caffeine content or no caffeine at all.

What should you keep in mind when taking pre-workout boosters?

How do I dose fitness boosters?

Make sure not to exceed our recommended dosage. Keep in mind: A higher dosage does not necessarily mean better results - and you can be sure: Our supplements are optimally coordinated and dosed. In addition, excessive consumption, especially of caffeine, can cause side effects in the worst case. So boost wisely.

When exactly do I take a pre-workout booster?

Timing is everything – drinkyour pre-workout booster about 30-60 minutes before training. This gives the ingredients enough time to get into your bloodstream in time and provide maximum support. By the way: If you want to drink your booster very late in the evening, remember that it often contains caffeine, which can make it difficult to relax and fall asleep. Our tip: In the evening, choose a pre-workout booster without stimulants, such as our Pro Series Crank Pump - the ideal booster for any training session at any time - even in the evening.

Don’t forget to hydrate

Make sure you drink plenty of water when using a pre-workout booster – and in general, of course. But the stimulant ingredients in fitness boosters in particular can increase your fluid needs.

Can you take workout boosters and creatine together?

Yes, absolutely! Pre-workout boosters and creatine are an ideal combination - and creatine is also often a component of boosters. This combination can effectively support training performance and muscle building - but again, pay attention to the individual dosage instructions.

Can you take pre-workout every day?

That depends entirely on the booster and its composition. So pay attention to our recommendations for taking the booster. Our tip: vary our products to avoid potential habituation effects.

Booster powder and co. – in what form are pre-workout boosters available?

Boosters are available in a variety of forms, including booster powders, capsules and ready-to-drink drinks. Powders are often the most popular form because they are easy to mix and have refreshing flavors.

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2 Magnesium contributes to normal energy metabolism. Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function. Magnesium contributes to normal psychological function. Potassium contributes to normal muscle function.

3 Vitamins B12 and B6 contribute to normal energy metabolism.